Wednesday, 11 April 2012


So the hate wasn't too bad, a few nasty tweets, a few fuck yous, and one less friend on Facebook. It's too bad Renee and I couldn't work thru it, but I don't regret standing up for my own set of values and beliefs, we can't impose those on others and we can't expect everyone to behave like we think we would, but friends keep friends in check. Renee was doing it all the time to me. I learned from Renee that it was not cool to say 'that is so lame', she let me know every time I said it. She argued people who use the term are ableists, I disagreed...but nevertheless I've stopped saying 'lame' and have had my kids stop saying it too.

A lost friendship yes but still a learning experience. Now another thing I've learned is to eliminate all sources of negativity and move on. So I will now put this to rest.

Our friendship was short but Renee I sure learned a lot from you. Thanks for being my first, black, disabled, queer, feminist friend with a white unhusband and two kids. I'm pretty sure I'll never meet anyone quite like you again. :)

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