Thursday, 12 April 2012

The Boogie-man cometh

some days are diamonds and some days are rocks, today was a day I thought would be rock.  Was tired from the start, more than usual, but off we went, 'cause it's the 8 at 8.  But thankfully there were four,  half of only eight, and that seemed to brighten both our spirits and fate.

the day was long, we wobbled and bobbed,  they didn't stop coming, like zombies they mobbed.

we laughed and stood tall, with kindness and friends, through poached eggs and bacon, bright news and split-ends.

on through the day, the scene kept improving, by Noon we'd shed hopelessness, lameness, and losing.

the Hammer returned, but this time for beef, mushrooms and onions; a happy relief.

the end of the day, just a few take-outs more, we're so almost done, when in through the door, comes Greg.

breifcase and steno-pad, 'is that what he had? 'squinting laptop and printer, needs bi-focals so bad.
Neatly-neat: Quite collar-and-tie: 'Was in court today.' Oh really? oh me, oh my.

he went through our house with duty and care, leaving no stone unturned and no bulb unbared.

he summed up with glee, he summed up with might: 'You guys real good, you keepin' it real tight.'

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