Sunday, 15 April 2012


Today was likely the most stressful day we've had at the diner yet.  I hate to admit it, but I've been feeling the strain: sore foot, stiff knee, aching back, dry cracked hands, and a little carpal tunnel to boot, not to mention plain and simple exhaustion.  But for some reason it's all OK tonight because I'm 'High on People.'

Today was a crazy day. Sundays, though usually pretty busy, don't really show much action 'til 'bout 10:30 or so, giving loads of time to prep for the onslaught.  Problem was, today, before we could fully prepare for Sunday's push, the push showed up and gave us a supreme shove.  Table after table, no time to breathe, no time to get ahead let alone catch up. Knowing we were in for it, Simon cranked up the kitchen tunes, put his head down, steeled himself, or well, maybe spatula'd himself,  and Surgite'd into his pain-cage to take on 6 hours of steady cooking.  We were doing well, but the place kept filling, for the first time in the nearly 6 months we've been open, people were coming in and having to leave because there were no seats in the house. I'd had tweets and facebook posts telling me others were coming. I was three tables behind in getting drinks and was just buttering toast in the kitchen when Connie decided to kick me in the ass: Coffee Machine Diner Nightmares: Full house -64 eyes- frantic busy: Java Vesuvius, all over the floor. Everywhere. By all reports, a collective gasp, ..., then exhale happened, so much sympathy, so much entertainment: Breakfast theatrical tragedy at it's finest.
And then the 4-top of demanding drunks decided to leave without paying .... BUT it's all OK, at least now it is.  In the midst of it all, Cheryl, who has been a valued friend and customer since early days downtown and her sister Laura, after enjoying a couple bac'n'blues jumped right into the dish pit and began bubble-dancing. Roy-the-busboy whisked away dirty dishes, while his patient, crust enjoying wife said 'Hey, it's Sunday!'  Tawndawn and the Rally_medic were there to witness the burn and Pops was super easy to please and took care of the bubble-dancer's lunch.  To his credit the train signal guy -who dislikes bots- let me talk him out of an omelette at a critical time. Baxter and her man, and the Mr-and-Mrs-Totaldude-Campisano's should also all be commended for their impeccable understanding of the true and real #dinerlife that is our existence.


  1. Connie, as in the ghost? Maybe she got annoyed with us talking about her yesterday...:)

    1. She's pulled a few things on Sundays, apparently that was the day she was closed when she owned the diner for 30 yrs........